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About Z8phyR

I'm Donovan
I'm a 30 year old musician who creates music and strives to improve my skills further. I have left my previous occupation to work full time in music and plan to attend school part time. The genre that I thoroughly enjoy to create is called Melodic Progressive House which contains all the similarities of Progressive House, but slightly more infused with melodies. By you coming to this page, you have taken a personal interest in furthering my development into music, and I thank you so much for that.

I've decided to start uploading music to my YouTube channel that will briefly break down my personal process behind creating the tracks. With your help, supporting me on Patreon, I can continue working in this profession and keep bringing music. Just by donating $1 per song, you all will really be helping me out so much. With more funding, there can be more quality content, and it will help me continue to improve myself and my studies. Improve my gear and, buy me a cup of tea from time to time 🙂

You can listen to some of my latest songs on my SoundCloud & YouTube where I post music, breakdowns, and analysis.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowd-funding online platform, similar to Kickstarter. However, instead of donating a massive sum of money for one huge project, people can support artists by becoming a patron and donating a dollar or two per month or per song creation.

Why I'm on Patreon:
I want to continue sharpening my skills while contributing to others who are on their journey by providing the project files for the releases. I also want to use my music as a way to afford higher education to pursue my music career even further. By supporting my releases, you are directly helping me achieve this.

Why should I become a Patron?
There's no reason for you to become my patron unless you find my music has helped you in some way, you enjoy my music and want to show your appreciation, financially. While all music that I release through this platform will be free to download (mp3), becoming a patron will enable you to download a higher quality of the track and also qualify for extra perks explained below. Don't feel pressured to become my patron. If you can afford to become my patron, please consider it. However, if you are not in any position to support, no worries! I truly thank you for just listening and enjoying the music.

What do you get for pledging?
  • By pledging $1 you'll be able to download the HQ (WAV) version of the track
  • If you pledge 5$ or more per song you'll receive the MIDI files associated with the track that I release.
  • By pledging $10 or more per song. you'll receive all the previous rewards plus I will include the project file itself and the stems.
  • If you decide to pledge $25 or more per song, you'll be first pick on collaboration with me on an (Original Mix) which will include the release to all digital stores and be a free download for everyone.

How does Patreon work?

  1. Pledges are collected every time I release a song on Patreon, that is the moment when your PayPal/Credit Card gets charged.
  2. I will only release a maximum of two (2) songs a month, which will be announced on my social media.
  3. You can choose to pledge any amount of your liking.
  4. Rewards are available after the pledge has been collected.
  5. If for any reason you want to stop your pledge, you are able to do so at any time.

The money from your pledges will allow me to:

  • Attend school
  • Invest into my music gear.
  • Keep creating music
  • Buy a cup of tea

Thank you so much for contributing to my dream and being here <3
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