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Thanks for supporting! every penny helps.

Aside from just a cliche little thank you, you have access to:

Community Tab

Access to comment on the Community tab, be a jerkwad (im kidding)

Name in Description

You will get your name in the Description of every video I post. to thank you and to shout you out.

Behind the Scenes
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Huh... 5 dollars? Thank you! you can have all this stuff and stuff.

Access to Screenshots of my next cartoon

2 screenshots every week to see what my next cartoon is about.

FLA File

If you use Animate CC 2015 or up (especially 2018) then I'll give you a FLA file of the progress

- Everything above

Artland coming to your town
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FLA File of the whole thing,

I'm not even kidding, you get the whole FLA File of my finished product. mess around with it, I don't care.

Drawing of you

AHA, who would support a person with really bad drawing techniques. but I'll send you a drawing of whoever.

- Everything Above




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What and who is this blue creature doing here?
Hey, I'm Zachedy, call me Zach or Zachary, just don't call me stupid. I'm a 13 year old currently living in Oklahoma with a low budget because I never do chores.
Should I send you money though online?
You don't have too, unless you'd like to support me, every penny helps shape up my career. YouTube has been getting a lot of Ad Revenue problems and Ad sense sucks. The money you donate is for me so I can get equipment and produce not only more Weekly content, but work on crap seriously.

Again, you don't have to donate.

Thank you! - Zach
$1 of $50 per Cartoon
If I reach this goal, It will make me more motivated to do more, because how people care for me, it means the world to me. 

Definitely gonna do stuff like, take my time on Animations, get some equipment, and other stuff.
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