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Wolf Pups
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Wolf Pups are killing it. 

Wolf Cubs
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Wolf Cubs are dangerous.  

Wolf Wolf's
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Wolf Wolf's are beyond deadly. 




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About Zach Wolf

Hey! :) My name is Zach Wolf, and I make music :) I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but now live in San Diego, California. I have been writing and recording my music my whole life, but in the past four years have begun pursuing it as a professional career. I am on Patreon because, to be completely honest, I am tired of working side jobs. As of writing this post, I am working a side job at 30 hours a week while recording in my music studio 40-50 hours a week (at least) on top of that. I want to get to the place where I can just make music full time and not work somewhere that isn't my main passion and purpose. 

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