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About Zahrah Sita


My name is Zahrah Sita, and I am a passionately inspired holistic healer, writer, artist, mother, spiritual intuitive, and visionary, living in the jungles of Costa Rica.

I have a divine calling to utilize my talents and experience to assist in the planetary healing and collective awakening. I share my gifts as a writer, an educator, a healer, a mentor, and a life coach to assist others on their personal journey's of achieving optimal health and embodying empowerment. 


My life is a testimony to the power of natural healing and the transformation found through following a path of spiritual awakening.
I have been able to turn a life marked with trauma, sickness, and suffering, into a life of inspiration, freedom, health, and joy.
My personal story has been marked with many intense tests, traumas and losses.
I have endured some incredible trials, and through the hardships I have gained much growth and insight. I struggled for many years with health issues, some of which were quite serious - such as cancer. Through my strong desire to heal my body and create a life free of sickness and suffering, I embarked on a quest for answers and for healing.
This quest brought me to teachers from many paths and traditions.
I deeply immersed myself in the journey of self-discovery and healing.
This quest has taught me how to heal my body, transform my life, has revealed to me my sacred purpose, and the talents I must utilize to fulfill that purpose.

I am deeply committed to sharing inspiration, guidance, and education through my continued blog and article writings. The focus of most of my writing is geared towards spirituality, natural healing, awakening of consciousness, and transformation.
I incorporate my own life experiences, along with my education and professional training into much of my writing to provide
inspirational, educational, and enlightening material.
My writings are featured monthly in
The Costa Rica News,
Volunteer Latin America Blog
, and soon on 3 more awesome media sites!
Volunteer Latin America/Zahrah Sita
The Costa Rica News/Zahrah Sita
Facebook/Zahrah Sita

As a holistic healer I incorporate many practices and modalities shared from the diverse training and experience I have gained. This includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, nutrition, detoxification and purification therapies, shamanic healing arts, kundalini and kriya yoga, energy healing, life coaching, and more. I am also a spiritual intuitive. I have been highly empathic, clairvoyant, and clairaudient my entire life. I incorporate these gifts into my healing and coaching practice, creating a truly holistic approach. 

I am currently offering my services as a mentor and a transformational life coach - with an emphasis on healing trauma, awakening consciousness, personal empowerment, creating success, and aligning with divine purpose.
I work via Skype and am able to share my assistance globally. 

I offer health guidance and the creation of personalized healing programs. I have been able to heal my body naturally from a number of health ailments including severe allergies, ovarian cysts, chronic fatigue, digestive troubles, and cancer. I have been helping others heal their bodies and realize abundant health for nearly 15 years. 
I offer these services internationally with Skype, as well as in person.

Additionally, I provide acupuncture services, and energetic attunements - a unique style of energy healing which assists in harmonizing ones personal physical energy, as well as strengthening the auric field.

I lead sacred cacao ceremonies with a group I founded called
Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Tribe
We use cacao - which is the key ingredient in chocolate -
as a sacred medicine for helping open the heart,
connect us to bliss and peace, and facilitate healing when needed. 
We have been facilitating these ceremonies in Costa Rica since 2012.
We are available to share these blessed events at retreats, gatherings, and for private groups. Contact us for scheduling or with questions.
Learn more and connect here -

Mystic Heart Sacre
d Cacao Tribe

I am a mother of two incredibly bright lights - my beloved sons, Talin and Taurin. I am grateful to have raised them for so many years in the
lush tropical rainforest lands of Costa Rica.
Our journey's here have been filled with great adventure, many miracles, incredible challenges, and heartbreaking losses - including the death of their father.
As a solo mother who is also a servant of healing, a visionary, and an artist, I am continually working to expand our experience of thriving and living in health and joy.

Thank you so much for visiting my page.
I give EXTRA BIG THANKS to all of you who have joined me on this journey of growth, healing, and transformation.
I have so much appreciation and gratitude for each and every contribution of support I receive.
Together we are lifting each other up and growing as empowered creators of a brave and beautiful new world.

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One of my most immediate goals is for a new laptop. 
As a writer I am very dependant on a good laptop.
It is also an important tool for video work, and my health consulting, mentoring, and life coaching practices.
My laptop recently passed away ... a sad reality.
One of my goals is to buy a new laptop asap. 
I am currently working on a borrowed laptop.
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