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About Zak George

The main goal of the Dog Training Revolution is to show the public how to train dogs with modern scientific methods and 21st century ethics. I'm committed to offering premium quality dog training video content free to anyone with an internet connection.

Because of your support over the last few years, you’ve made it possible for us to have our own studio with professional equipment and staff!  You continue to fund a revolution in the dog training world - a world that has been largely misguided by antiquated methods for some time. 

Not only do 100% of the funds I receive from Patreon go towards making you more content, but I am also adding additional dog training content exclusive to patreon. It remains my policy to keep all of my video dog training content free, including patreon exclusive videos. But if you enjoy the videos, become a part of this community and know that your money will help millions around the world learn how to teach their dogs without the use of harsh training tools.

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100% of the money I receive from Patreon goes directly into creating content. At this amount, I'll be able to deliver even more consistent content! This money goes towards the costs incurred for our production. The more we get, the more we can create great quality content for dog lovers all over the world!
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