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 You are a hero of this community! Any Vassalite can ask me for  custom sprites or even to implent a game! I cannot guarantee that I will accept  your offer - some things are harder to do than others. Examples of what you can  ask for include:

- Single sprits. If you need a particular model, like a  ganger for your Roll20 campaign, feel free to ask! In most cases, those are easy  to do.
- Color schemes for existing collections. Those are harder, but if  you offer an interesting color scheme that doesn't go against rules or  background of the game - then sure, why not?
- Entire collections. This may  include armies, forces, factions etc. Usually it is quite a lot of work, so  please be patient.
- Entire modules. A module might be anything from a  three-day job to many months of dedicated tinkering, but if the community  approves of it, I'll get to work. 




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About Zandmar

For about two years I've been creating sprites to use in Vassal, free Java-based game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games. If you're looking at this page, you've likely seen and used some of my work, but know this - from now on you, each and every one of you, can ask me to implement or add support of your favourite game in Vassal, Roll20 or whereever you need static sprites.

All of my content is completely free for everyone, but your support will encourage me to make them faster and with better quality.
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