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About Zanias

Music is my way of connecting with people on a level deeper than language or culture, of clearing the fog of existential angst and finding something beautiful in a harsh and desolate reality. To me it is truly transcendental. Why should its creation be valued so low as to make it a constant struggle? Exhaustion and anxiety do not inspire, they slowly destroy. There is nothing romantic about a profession that offers no security, no matter how much passion one has for the art. It has already taken its toll and I’m looking for a solution that can give both the artist and the audience what they both desire: more music and a stronger connection to each other.

If you are reading this you are probably already familiar with what I do, and you are the listeners this page is for. I do this for you and for me and for no one else. I will never alter my output to suit the standards of the industry gatekeepers or to appeal to a wider and less discerning audience.

To maintain this independence and service to you, I feel I have to ask for some assistance. If you would like to be a part of this new way forward, consider contributing a little (or a little more, if you can) each month to my work.

The ultimate reward, that I hope is obvious here, is that with your generosity combined in this more stable and predictable manner I will be better equipped to channel my creativity into a greater overall output. You would not only be supporting new Zanias material, but potential new aliases and side projects, a network of collaborators, more extensive tours, and the upkeep of the legacy of my past endeavours. There is so much brewing in me that I simply don’t have the time or resources to bring into existence. You can help change that.

Any amount is appreciated and every little bit will make a difference, and since $1 can mean more to one person than $100 for another, all supporters will have access to the same extra content. This will take a variety of forms and I will be open to suggestions and requests. At the very least I would like to share more of myself than I've ever felt comfortable sharing on social media platforms: the journey I’ve taken to get where I am, my creative process in both music and video, and the stories behind the works - of which there are many. 

With sincerest thanks,


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