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Hi friends, thank you for checking out my Patreon. My name is Jordan, or I'm better known as Zanitor. I primarily create Cities: Skylines gameplay videos on YouTube now, but I would love to do so much more! 

I work full-time as a Channel Manager and Video Editor. I run the channel Sips - Live! and I edit weekly content for ZackScottGames. To justify using more time for my YouTube, I could use a little help. Please check out my goals and my rewards. They will change as things go on, but only for the better.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you all on the Zanitor channel and as Patrons!
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This could justify me doing a bit a video that is more long-form. Such as a fully-complete game, a review or maybe even a video-essay about my favorite video game. 
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