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That purple spot
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I really thank you the support and like the things I do in the way I do.
You will see updates posts and be happy with me about it!
The purple cat ears
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Thank you to make this effor for me, you will be able of have special videos sketchs and doodles that may will see the light but just maybe, and the updates posts.
You can see before the rest my work finished and some sneak peeks of what I'm doing.




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Hello there! I call my self Nahuiquetzalli, but you can call me Zaph. I'm so happy of been here with you and share what I do.
For reference I study the career of Graphic Design buy specialize in Illustration; and even before that, I draw almost all the time... in a hobbyist and amateur way, but hey! we all begin from somewhere, no?
Well... I'm Mexican and I love bright colors. I'm a sweet-tooth but I prefer chocolate over any candy; oh! and talking about food and that stuff; I LOVE DRAW FOOD! So I hope to make a lot of delicious food  (with time & practice) for all the people that love it too!

If you arrive here by "mistake", remember the words of Bob (awesome) Ross: there are no mistakes just happy accidents :)

So, right now I'm a super noob here, but my plan makes a lot of videos about the things you suggest in the comments, I always love the options and opinions on my work.
And if you can become as my Patreon sponsor, there will be special videos of things you wanna know about me or my work we'll see; mentions and even commission in different ways (just a pic, the digital product or even the physical/material result!  (I'm so excited even before we start")).

For now, I'm so thankful to you been here like a visitor or spectator AND I don't have enough words to thank you to be my Patreon!!
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