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About Zapmaster14

Hi there, what are you doing here?!

Anyways, I should introduce my self, my name is Zapmaster14, well thats my online username, my real name is Nick. (Nicholas when you're mad at me!)

I am an proud Australian, and I am all about the internet! I've been gaming for almost my entire life! I am a full time student, studying a Diploma of Information Technology (Networking), My ultimate goal is to get a degree in Cyber Security & Networking although focusing in Cyber Security!

You may be asking what do I create? why am I here?

I am here because I love to share my personality, my idea's, opinions and to have a great time doing it. I don't believe in failure just further steps to increase ones self and knowledge.

As to what i create, well its hard to describe, I love YouTube it allows me a lot of freedom and is a platform that I identify with, I enjoy many moments on YouTube and some of the people if met from YouTube I consider close friends.

My YouTube channel, is Zapmaster14, you can check out my works there.

I would also love to livestream on both YouTube & Twitch!

I also write regular content on my blog, I write about things of great interest to my self and my country, although my latest focus has been on the NBN, Australia's greatest infrastructure project.

You may ask a couple of things, like 1) Why do you need our help? & 2) You aren't very consistent why should I support you?

Well those a great questions person who totally isn't me!

1) Why do you need our help?

I need your help because I am a student, my income doesn't fully support myself, and I would like to live a more comfortable life and be able to add and do more projects. I enjoy what I do and I'll always find a way to do it. I have set this patreon up as a way for you to 1) Support me and 2) receive some cool benefits for supporting me. :D

2) You're not consistent why should I support you.

This is a fair point, I am not very consistent, but I slowly and surely have been improving my setup, when I first started YouTube, all I had was a school laptop that had very, very crappy specs, even minecraft couldn't run at more then 20fps, but I loved what I was doing and had to keep on doing it! But slowly and surely the frustrations of not having the equipment I needed was hitting home, I was very upset, that I couldn't deliver quality content to the few who where watching. That is why I was and still am inconsistent.

But things are changing, I recently got my new computer specs: here

And as you can tell its of great quality and it can help me with upping my quality so much, I have one piece of the puzzle, and that is my internet....

I mentioned earlier that I live in Australia, unfortunately Australia isn't well known for great internet speed. While I am luckier than most Australians with my internet (22/1.10Mbps)

Its not quite enough for livestreaming, BUT there is a solution on its way, the NBN is reaching my house from JUL-DEC 2017, its so close! And with my NBN I will get 100/40Mbps this would allow me to upload and livestream and do everything I want to.

I've been waiting for so long to give YouTube a shot. I always try my hardest and I wanted to open this Patreon so my fans can help support me!

Thank you all so much.
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