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About Zee

Hi Everybody,

I'm Matt, better known as Zee (zee37tee).

I am a self taught Streamer and Content Creator of 3 years. I enjoy a good banter, a cold beer, playing videogames and providing others with some mediocre entertainment.

My love of gaming started in the form of the notorious C64 (Commodore 64), through the beginnings of the World Wide Web, Dial-Up internet and many years of various different gaming consoles. I am happily married with 2 loveable cats (@tuxedocatbrothers on Insta) and a self proclaimed car nut.

Now guys, by no means should you feel obligated to support me financially in any way shape or form. Just being around, showing up to streams and hanging in chat or chilling in my Discord server is all free and I stand true continually providing that. I was raised to do only what I can within my own means, and continue to still live by that today.

That being said, I would personally like to thank you for your time and stopping by. Your support is both appreciated and invaluable to me.