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I've spent so much of my life never quite feeling like I fit in, anywhere I was. For all of the perils, that is one of the beautiful things the internet has made possible--so many of us misfits have been able to find each other! I live my life at some pretty complicated intersections, and the very fact that you've come far enough to check out this page leads me to believe that you're probably living at some of those intersections, too. That's what the Son of a Preacher Man podcast is all about, really: finding God at the intersections, finding beauty in brokenness...finding the One who calls us by our true name while we are still living in the ambiguity of the in-between. 

To get this message out, I very much need your help. Even after a year of trying to carve out a life writing and speaking on my own full-time, I've still been somehow reluctant to open up space for folks to support what I'm doing. Because as much as I may still be a Southern-fried preacher at heart, I admit that passing the chicken bucket for an offering was not part of my tradition I wanted to keep alive, so much :) Yet the more I explore these intersections, and the more I hear your own stories of finding grace in the midst of disillusionment and despair...the more I realize just how important this kind of space is. I really believe this podcast, in particular, is going to help some folks feel seen and known in the unseen places, and that means everything to me. I want to give the gift so many of you have given to me over the years--of feeling a little less peculiar, a little less alone in the universe. I want people to know their deepest identity as God's sons and daughters. I need your support to make it happen. 

I wanted to use Patreon because I like that the format is simple, and no-strings attached; I like that you don't sign your life away, and can cancel support at anytime. I also like the way Patreon opens up avenues for real dialogue between creators, and those that support their creativity.  I want you to have an active hand in how the podcast takes shape as we go. I need you in the lab with me! This show won't mean anything if it doesn't meet you right where you live.

Son of a Preacher Man is an ambitious idea, in that we plan to release two roughly 30 minute episodes per week (side A and side B), with some live shows and special episodes mixed in, for variety. It's very much like an LP/record---Side A will always introduce an idea/thesis, while Side B will be a creative, often sideways take on the same topic. Sometimes there will be sermons, sometimes guests, sometimes Q and A with you, sometimes music. But at the heart of this project, the goal will always be to help people discover their true identity as beloved sons and daughters, seen and known, and cherished. 

I am humbled and grateful that you would consider supporting me in this new work. Anything you are able to give is deeply appreciated. If you are not able or ready to give, please don't feel any guilt whatsoever about this--we all have too many tolls to pay, on the long road we are on. Just spreading the word about the podcast on social media, or giving us a positive review on itunes, would be a great way to help us! Whether you give or don't give, listen or don't listen to the podcast from here, I hope you willl remember this: you are God's beloved, the object of God's affection, and delight. Nothing changes that, ever.

Thanks for your time, friends, and for all the ways your own lives illuminate how God brings beauty out of brokenness. 

Grace and Peace,

Jonathan Martin

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