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ZENITH NEWS® Now Holds Over
One Million News Articles
      In today’s heavily biased and censored media, people often get their news from sources that either have an agenda of their own or simply like to distribute more fiction than fact – what is often referred to as #Fakenews. This is why it is imperative for one to make sure that they are receiving their news from a trusted and reliable source.
      For many people, ZENITH NEWS® is exactly what they’ve been looking for. We are among the leading web news article search engines and news agencies – holding up to a million news articles. Featuring news agency items from over 250+ non-mainstream media sources ZENITH NEWS® ensures that our readers are receiving news from a wide array of unbiased and authentic sources.
      There is a new article available on the website every 30 seconds, meaning one can literally watch as the news of the world around them scrolls in front of their very eyes. The ZENITH NEWS® news agency website also allows users to filter the sources from which they receive news – and now charges nothing for this news agency service.
      After registration, our users can select their preferred news sources and receive items that will be delivered after their first publication. With over 55,000 followers on Twitter, who tap the article source more than 2.8 million times a month, the website has managed to garner a community of like-minded individuals who believe in spreading accurate, authentic and unbiased news to the public.
      ZENITH NEWS® followers often discuss and debate one another on a multitude of different topics.
      ZENITH NEWS® has always strived to eradicate “#Fakenews” – and wishes to ensure that the information consumed by their fellow citizens is accurate, well-researched and delivered on time.
Site Features
      On our website, it is possible to save a link for an article for up to 6 months, making it a much appreciated and exceptionally handy tool when one wishes to do research, news writing or analysis. As a result of a simple registration process, one never needs to worry about their identity being under danger.
      With a perfected layout for both desktop and mobile, our website has become a go-to spot for a multitude of people who wish to receive accurate and informative articles. We cater to a global audience and with a new article published roughly every 30 seconds, there is something for everyone to enjoy at ZENITH NEWS®.
      ZENITH NEWS® is located on the web at HTTPS://ZENITH.NEWS and on Twitter @ZNEWSNET and provides news agency article services that feature over 250+ non-mainstream news and media sources. Their website is updated every 30 seconds with new articles to read. They believe in spreading accurate and unbiased perspectives on a wide array of modern day topics. There is something for everyone to enjoy on ZENITH NEWS®.
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