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For this pledge, you will receive a warm feeling that you have helped the next new star. Dr. Wayne Dyer  described how people who practice random acts of kindness and the people at the receiving end, both receive a rush of Serotonin in their bodies. In other words, kindness is a happiness drug created naturally in the body. You will  bring that warm and fuzzy feeling to our actors and staff and a warmth to your heart as well! Remember, all of the awards are solely for the propose of allowing entertainment lovers and seekers like yourself to support the art of great film making and theater while, at the same time, molding creativity to your taste of entertainment. In addition, you will have access to the updates and "the making of" each movie short and feature film every month.

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You will have access to the updates and "the making of" each movie short and feature film every month.
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If you supply the announcement on video, we will post your special video making a special announcement to your love one (get well soon...), fiance (I accept), spouse (happy anniversary), friend (congratulations), business partner (whatever), boss (I quit! or happy birthday!) ect...Ten announcements per week. In addition, you will have access to the updates and "the making of" each movie short and feature film every month.




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"Don't Mess With Old People"
aka "Gangster Grannies!"
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This is a Non-Paying production, however, all projects henceforth will be subject to "Film Marketing Practices (FMP)". HELP STOP NON-PAYING PRODUCTIONS! This and all future projects produced by Zeno Pierre Media Works and affiliates will be made available for promotions and distribution. All salaries will be paid as a direct result of Marketing Success and in accordance to the fair market value at time of shooting. 

All inquiries should respond to [email protected] for more information, production meeting dates, and people who need reels.



(5) Woman 80'ish, strong spirited, healthy, CIA type.
(5) Men, 21 yo or older, Eastern Nationals
(2) Women, 30'ish

(1) House with large kitchen
(1) House, kitchen w/basement or stairs

Executive Producer:
Producer: V.P.
Director:  Zeno Pierre
First AD:
Second AD:
Director of Photography: 24 fps
Location Manager:
Film Marketing Manager:
Film Marketing Assistant:
Script Director:
Public Relations:
Craft Services:
Still Photographer:
Set Designer:
Key Costumer:
Production Designer:
Key Makeup Artist:
Key Hairstylist:
Key Grip:
Best Boy Grip:
Addl Grip: 
Key Costumer:
Production Designer:
1st AC:
Set PA:
WARNING! "GANGSTER GRANNIES!" Senior DMWO agents foil a first strike effort against the United States!

Translation: "WARNING! Don't Mess With Old People!" Showing seniors in a positive but entertaining light. This is about showing off talent. Not new talent, Vintage Talent!

In addition, our goal is to provide entertainment to people who wish to control the content of their entertainment. Tha't'a right, it's about creating and growing YOUR very own audience and entertaining YOU with YOUR very own INPUT. For example, you can appear in one of the episoed in person or via Skype (no affiliation). Or you can write a script idea, all with full IMDb credit. Call in and discuss issues with the the actors and crew, and so on. The first script is finished and ready for production.

For those of you who would like to help, you can donate one dollar. That's right, just one dollar. Please watch the video. All of our movies will be free so there is no obligation to send money that supports YOUR entertainment team, but every little bit helps. So, please support your entertainment team.

STORY: The baby boomers have struck again. What they have been up to has finally been revealed in our latest Department of Military Wartime Operations web series. Senior CIA agents foil a fist strike effort against the United States. Stay tuned, or should I say, subscribe, support and give your input for the following episodes.

WARNING! THIS IS NO AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL! But is still good, clean family fun and adventure.

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