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Welcome to my Patreon.

My goal with youtube is to create videos my friends and I find funny, all while remaining anonymous myself. If you want to support me, that's great. I want to include the community as much as I possibly can and I hope that Patreon will  grant me that opportunity. 
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Silver IV Lads
per month
The Patreon Starter Kit and really the option if you're just looking to support the channel without breaking the bank. Any pledge is greatly appreciated. Thank you, lads.


-Have access to Patreon Only Content.

Gold IV Guys
per month
For the value of a morning coffee, you can unlock a tier that is a little more interactive and fun because I can include you guys in my videos. It is, once again, greatly appreciated and anyone going out of their way to show their support is absolutely amazing. Thank you, guys.



-Have your name added in the video credits and description of future videos. 

-Plus all previous rewards.

Platinum III Dudes
per month
This is a huge step for anyone who is looking for more interaction and more ways to support the channel. Twitter is a great platform for communicating with others and that is something that is really important to me. Thank you, dudes.


-Receive a follow and shout-out on Twitter.

-Plus all previous rewards.

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