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Well, hi! Thank you for even considering to support me on Patreon!

If you got this far you probably already know about my channel. So let's talk about some things you may not know. My name is Sebastian. Born just after Group B had been buried my biggest fascination has always been motorsports.

My journey with zeroundersteer started in 2011 when I got frustrated with the way rallying was being portrayed in the Internet and i wanted to display the breathtaking action of the most fascinating motorsport in the world as best as possible. Having always been a very keen driver myself I wanted to share their skill, their stories and hopefully inspire some future drivers or engineers while I was at it. Creating motorsport content with dedication, passion & attention to detail and spread our love for the sport to the Youtube world in the best possible way was, and still is my goal.

I don't have a big production team behind me. When I started zeroundersteer it was just me. I shot, edited and published everything myself. Today I have a few great friends & family helping me create better videos and find better locations. Without their support the channel would not be where we are now.

In 2019, I managed to hit 50.000 subscribers. For 2020, I aim to attend more events, grow our audience and cover all costs related to creating our motorsport videos. I plan to improve the production quality and frequency of the videos I post. All of these projects are going to require investment and your donations are helping towards that goal!

To see the amount of effort that's required here's a short rundown of a regular rally weekend:

Preparation normally takes around five days of planning and sighting.
Up to four cameramen then take their precious equipment into the wild, sometimes hiking up to 20km a day to seek the best possible spots, be it in the heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter just to get "that" shot.
After a weekend of shooting we're carefully working through more than 400gb of material to select the best possible scenes. To make the footage look and sound as best as possible thorough editing is necessary. Color grading, sound enhancements and effects round off any video we create. The total process "in post" takes another two to three days. Add to this the required travel expenses to get to the events itself.

These kind of costs can't be covered on Youtube revenue alone, so we need to rely on the best army we can imagine. You. <3
Thank you for reading all this. Thank you for watching my videos. Thank you for even considering supporting me on Patreon. I am eternally grateful for all my subscribers for helping me live my dream.

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