is creating developing the Exstellarverse through Art, World Anvil & Games.

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Every lil bit helps, honestly! :D If you're willing to even go with this tier, I thank you!
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Any amount is greatly appreciated! :D For this tier, you get...

  • Access to a Discord server where we can discuss things as a group! Doesn't even have to be solely about Exstellarverse, but hey. :P
  • The Discord will have a Suggestion Box where I'll take suggestions on things to draw, feedback on lore and projects.
  • It will also have the occasional Poll that will let you help my indecisive brain to pick the next thing to work on.
  • Discounts on commissions if a supporter would want one based on amount pledged.
  • Credit Due (Red): If I finish a game, you can also have your name or alias in the credits. You'll be added to a supporter page on the WorldAnvil as well. Your name will be colored accordingly in the Discord.
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If you're in this tier, that's super generous of you! Really, it'll help a lot! :D

You'll get all the previous Tier perks, plus...
  • Full World Anvil Access - I'll hook you up with access to the whole World Anvil I've got going on the Exstellarverse. This means all the WIPs I might have are up for looking at!
  • Play Testing - If I come up with some games, I'll let you fool around with the alphas and betas all you want. Feedback is super encouraged!
  • Once we hit the goal for it, you can get the Sticker Of The Month! (Obviously, I'll need an address to send 'em to. :P)
  • Credit Due (Yellow): If I finish a game, you can also have your name or alias in the credits. You'll be added to a supporter page on the WorldAnvil as well. Your name will be colored accordingly in the Discord.
This tier is limited to how many subs I can have on there. As I get more Patreon subs, I can afford higher tiers, so this is subject to change to allow more folks in!
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Heyas! Zeta here!

Man, how do you start these things...? Err, well, let's start with and intro. :P
I'm Zeta and, in a nutshell, I'm an artist of the semi-cartoony persuasion specializing in aliens, animal critters, impish mischief makers, squishy and fluffy things and stars... LOTS of stars. I'm a wannabe game developer with a love for games myself. If it's fun, I'll play it. Love them indie titles! I also aspire to make some fun merchandise of my stuff someday.

So that's me in a nutshell, but... what is the "Exstellarverse"?
Well, it's what I call all my ideas and lore as a whole. Sometimes I'll call it "The World of NERD Union" or just "NERD Union", as that's the name of my main story. It started off as a game idea, then a comic idea, now it's more like a group of concepts that've developed into a bigger world I now call the Exstellaverse.

And what's NERD Union?
It's a story that takes place IN the Exstellarverse. It's about a cat dude named Kenny stumbling across a fallen star kid named Comet that's trying to recollect wish granting shards from a shattered proverbial Philosopher's Stone. One things leads to another and Kenny is suddenly a merc of sorts, scouting out and retrieving these shards from strange warped realities of the people that found and used them first... also, the mafia. That's it in a nutshell. :P

That's cool, but what EXACTLY am I making?
To be up front with you... I want to make more than one thing. I've been focusing my efforts on making a variety of things for Exstellarverse.
  • Art - Of course, it's been predominantly art, so art is one of the things I want to make. Perhaps a comic in the future! Even if it's just a small one.
  • Lore - I've been chipping away at making a WorldAnvil, which is basically kind of a wiki for DnD things, but I'm using it for character development, plot points, info on species and items and such, and general world development things. If you wanna get to know my stuff, there's where I'll be writing it all!
  • Videogames - I've actually got a degree in Game Design... but Game Development I'm trying to learn on my own. Basically, I know how to design a game, but coding it is a learning process. I'm gonna give a go at C# and Unity and hopefully come out with something sorta, kinda fun.
  • Merchandise - Man, I'd love to be able to really go at making physical things for my stuff. Plushies, stickers, charms, that kinda stuff! I actually even have a plan for a Sticker Of The Month for Patreon! (If we reach that goal~) This is obviously more of a future goal, but hey... maybe someday?
  • And whatever else I think of in the future. :P

In short, I'm opening a tip jar that I hope will help me pay for supplies and fees to do all this! (and the occasional bill... I mean, I've gotta eat) I hope to add to this later on with more perks and content and such as well. One step at a time, though!

So, let's say you're intrigued! Where can someone find out more about this Exstellarverse?
Odds are if you clicked on a link to this page, you know one of 'em already! And you probably know at least a little of my stuff. But I do have plenty of info on what it might be, if you're maybe new or not quite up-to-date. And that info is in the form of links!

$13 of $100 per month
Hey, let's make that "Sticker Of The Month" an actual thing! I'll design a sticker each month and send 'em out to those at the appropriate tier or above. (We'll have to change up the tiers a bit to do it, but we shall if you guys are interested!)
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