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Any amount is greatly appreciated! :D For this tier, you get...

-Access to the Patreon feed, as you might expect. :P

-Access to see WIP sketches for whatever is in the works. Some of these are exclusive! (Because I don't finish all the things I draw, so hey.)

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-Access to the Patreon feed.

-Access to see WIP sketches.

-Access to Patreon Polls. I'll ask my Patreons what you'd like to see next from me and you'll get to vote on it.

-Commission Priority: In other words, I'll do your commissions first and foremost.

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-Access to see WIP sketches.

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About Zeta-Neubourn

Heyas! Zeta here!

If you've come here, odds are you've accidentally clicked a Patreon link from one of the site where I post art or comics or odd sounds, hence the title! If you've ended up here by sheer dumb luck... uh, hey! How goes it? Either way, I'm kind of bad at introducing myself, so I'll try to keep this breif. :P

In a nutshell, I'm using Patreon to offer up a tip jar of sorts in exchange for some extra art stuff! It's a bit of a work-as-we-progress, but I hope I can offer up some good stuff. It's kind of a work-in-progress... err, work-as-we-go kind of deal, but I hope what I've got to offer will interest you!

....And that's the idea! I hope I can create some nostalgia someday in people and maybe even make some cool merchandise someday, but one step at a time, right? :P For now, art and comics and odd sounds!
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Let's say I get 10 Patrons! I'll consider doing art streams on occasion and letting you guys in on it!
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