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About Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation


Etymology From Ancient Greek ζητητικός (zētētikós, “inquisitive, keen”), from ζητέω (zētéō, “I seek”).
Adjective Seeking; proceeding by inquiry.
Noun A skeptic.
Many markets are so focused on finding daring new forms and unusual voices that they deliberately eschew storytelling, which leads to venues aimed more at writers than at the average reader. We want to create a space where readers can find unique writing that they can connect to, that will make you say, “This was quite unusual, but I loved it.”

We understand that many readers will be skeptical of what we have to share, but we hope that you will join us in seeking out fresh ideas in storytelling.

To that end, we present our new online publication, Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

When you support Zetetic through this Patreon page, all proceeds go toward contributor payment—this is in addition to any author-specific donations made directly through zeteticrecord.org!

Our first contributors were selected by personal invitation because we loved their work. Your support allows us to continue bringing you great writing—and more of it. When we reach our goals, we continue to attract talented authors and poets with better pay rates. We're also able to post stories and poems more frequently—we want to provide you something new every day of the week!
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