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Welcome Lords and Peasants alike. 

I love Role-Playing
I have a passion for Lore
Writing is an obsession
and Modding... well, a world without that simply would not do.

My main inspirations are GopherBrodualShoddycast, and Fudgemuppet.

You'll see a little of all of them in what I do, except I tend to take things to the utmost extreme. Watch the Daggerfall video for evidence of that, as with knowledge pulled out of not only the games themselves but statements made by writers of them, and sources beyond, sometimes fact, sometimes speculation, almost always a little of both -- my job in this is more or less to be an entertainer.

Here's a few examples of my older work:

History Videos

Character Builds

Modding Guides


Things to CONsider:
  • To quote that lovable ass Jim Sterling: "My agreeing with you is not being funded.", he made a point there. I reserve my right to have an opinion that differs from yours -- if that means I lose your donations so be it. I'm me before I'm anyone else, if you have a problem with that, kindly move along.
  • Are you doing this for the money? No. The money does not affect wither or not I produce videos on this channel, I'd do it for free. HOWEVER, it does change several factors within my decision making process, what platform do I use? Do I ad-sponsor videos? How many ads are present within a 2 hour video?
  • If you are not doing this for the money, why are you on patreon? The opportunity to improve, I don't need the money, but I could certainly use it. If I get enough money, I'll make this my job.
  • What funding level do you consider a success? $1. Seriously, I have NO expectations, and videos will be produced regardless. There are a LOT of goals on the side that would be "nice to have" but I don't NEED any of them. But, Yes, all viewers will benefit if goals are achieved.

So that about covers it. Yes, we are talking about fictional histories, other-worldly introspections, the History of gaming itself. Since the very beginning YouTube has been a Self-Sustaining Hobby, the advertising on the channel paid for all the equipment used in the video.

This is where Patreon comes in:
The channel will go on without Patreon of course, but the more support here, the less focus on advertising, the more time can be devoted to the channel. and most importantly: this system allows you to get rewarded for your support!

$73 of $1,500 per month
I'll actually focus on the channel full-time, That means more reliable updates. I'll have a SET SOLID SCHEDULE FOR RELEASES!
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