Uwe Zionskind Schweitzer

is creating the www.zsion.mom Journal about Politics, Religion and Culture.
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About Uwe Zionskind Schweitzer

Believing  Pagan, Jacobine, Christian und Muslim. I wish a  communtiy  of equal  believers  Fighter for Jehovah's Kingdom Mother Zion (KZ) in emergancy by some best possible  Canaan  or  Edom ♥ National Zionism. Salam ao hurub aleikum.

We Zionskinder love Father Jehovah, Mother Zion, King Isa, Queen Israel, Souls & Comunity, Psalm 87, ♥ Pagan Wisdom, Hebrew Tanakh, Greek Diatheka, Arabic Koran, Latin Vulgata, English Information, Intersocial Law, KZ. ♥ We do not love but respect Antijehovah too. ♥

We believe in our Creator Father God, Lord and Allah Jehovah, his daughter our Mother Zion, their son our King Michael Jesus Isa, his bride our Queen Israel, Mother Earth and all their believers.
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