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About Erick Sosa AKA ZKULPTOR

Hi guys my name is Erick Sosa I am a professional sculptor with over 20 years of experience working for the Toy and Collectibles Industries.

I started sculpting at age 4, my first sculpture was a T-Rex that was done in oven baked clay, and sadly it exploded while in the kiln ( oven) , but I came back and sculpted a great white shark that looked more like an airplane than a shark, but I kept practicing drawing and sculpting throughout my childhood and teenage years, until a great teacher of mine got me into Mattel Toys.

I love sculpting and I have tried to develop a dynamic style, always learning new techniques.
I have trained for years to be able to capture any style in the sculpting spectrum, be it American streamline comic book style, Japanese Anime/Manga, Mechanical characters, beautiful women, creatures and monsters, miniatures, or famous portraits. I have been working as a full time freelancer for the past 15 years. These days I am known for doing  superhero statue designs doing everything in 3D or Zbrush ( digital modeling), my operation is 100% digital these days. I also own a 3D printer in which I will be printing some cool stuff for all of those that kindly support me.

Some of the companies I have  worked for include:

Mattel Toys, Disney Consumer Products, SOTA Toys,  Hot Buttered Elves, Bowen Designs, DC Colelctibles, Art Asylum, Warner Brothers, Master Replicas, Eaglemoss, Jazwares, Wizkids, Mezco, McFarlane, Hasbro, Universal Studios, Sideshow Collectibles,
Kotobukiya (Designer/sculptor Managing advisor Product Planning and Development), Funko, His Majesty the King of Jordan, Round2 Models, and Yamato Toys, and lately XM Studios, among others.

I love what I do and have been doing it since 1994 ( in a professional way)  to the present day. However I have always desired two things, first to be able to pass on my knowledge to others, which I have done many times, I have been able to help up and coming artists secure work in the collectibles industry and that seriously brings me a lot of joy. I believe  with your help I can bring more knowledge on how to to go about becoming a professional sculptor, I am not promising work in the collectibles industry, but this knowledge can definitely be used for different areas of the entertainment industry, or to enhance your skills if you are already a professional,  or just as part of your hobby.

Second, I wish to be able to do more personal work ( I know that is every artist's dream) , freelance is a tough business, and my schedule is insane, I would love to be able to have more time for my own works.

I am getting older ( I am 38) and every time I am working on a professional project I am daydreaming of doing my own creations. I believe Patreon might be the avenue to help me achieve my desire to share my knowledge and at the same time allow me to enjoy doing my own projects more constantly, without having to worry about working so much on professional projects.

As a big thank you my rewards will range from time lapse videos, to live streaming tutorials, and better yet I will produce resin copies of some of my actual creature or portrait projects, and even T shirts with my characters printed on them so you can hold in your hands or even wear the product of your generous patronage. You can already find free sculpting seminars on my youtube channel, but with your patronage and feedback we will create  constant higher quality content.

I would also like to point out I will be covering traditional sculpting and zbrush ( 3d modelling). We will cover quick clay sketches, portrait sculpting, creatures, anatomy, gestures, creature design, and poses, etc.

So please help me spread the word, I believe my tutorials and content and rewards will be very unique. I don't see this as asking for money for nothing, if anything I want to give more than what I can get from your support, it is the least I can do for allowing me to live my dream at least one day a week.
If I can at least dedicate a few days a month to do my own thing I can show you we can create some awesome educartional art together!
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The minimum for in depth sculpting tutorials. These tutorials will be a mixture of zbrush and traditional clay. I will go over form, dynamic posing, silhouette, texture and much, designing characters, and much more.

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Everything in the previous tiers,  and you will also get to be a part of my live streaming tutorials and ask questions and get answers.
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Here's a video oh what you can expect to see, only this time I will sculpt a cool Bat creature bust to go along with it.
Bat creature videos are done and being edited.

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