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All Patreons will get early access to all of my games or other larger projects, and exclusive updates on my projects! Crash Override Guides are exempt from this and will ship ASAP to the world at large, since helping people sooner rather than later is a higher priority for those.

About Zoë Quinn

Hi, I’m Zoe Quinn. I make a lot of free stuff for the web that can’t otherwise be fit into a single category. I'm currently working on the games you can see above: the Chuck Tingle Dating Simulator, and FailState. Other stuff I've made includes games like Depression Quest or Waiting For Godot: The Game. Sometimes it’s tools to help people make their own games like Sortingh.at or GamesAreForEveryone.com. Sometimes I run game jams and community projects like Antholojam. Sometimes it’s crisis hotlines that involve stopping SWATings and advocating to Congress for an open but safer web like with Crash Override Network. Sometimes it’s writing pieces on cybernetics, developing artisanal tamagotchis, or making free chrome extensions like the Ferenginizer.

There’s a lot more, but you get the point. Thing is, this is a very hard thing to monetize. What do you do when you make things that need to be free? There’s too many things in too many directions to attempt to crowdfund each and every one of them, so rather than be project-specific, this Patreon is my central hub for being able to continue doing things like this.

Why Should You Back Me?

I make a whole lot of free stuff, which can get rather expensive. This is especially true for games like the FMV Chuck Tingle dating sim. Supporting me on Patreon not only allows me to keep doing this stuff, but lets me keep it free while giving backers exclusive access to project updates, alpha tests, and all kinds of cool stuff.

So, if you believe in that work too, and you like what I’ve made so far, please consider supporting my efforts on here, or making a one-time contribution here.

Thanks so much!
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Woo! I can focus on creating non-commercial work while fueling my nasty food-and-rent habits and still having money to pay those nasty freelancer taxes.
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