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Hi everyone, this is Aaron with ZOLLOTECH and I never thought in 2008 when I started posting videos to YouTube that I would ever have millions of views let alone over 100,000 subscribers.  

Patreon is another way to help sustain the channel and the expenses that go along with it toward the next goal of doing YouTube as a full time profession.  This would give me the ability to be like other big YouTube tech channels who can dedicate 40+ hours per week to their videos.  For example, right now I have time to put about 10-15 hours per week into my videos.  By bring that number up four fold would enable much better quality and different locations and maybe even one day a ZOLLOTECH studio, which would be amazing.  

If you enjoy my videos and would love to help bring ZOLLOTECH to the next level I would be so grateful.
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$1000 per month would be incredible.  The giveaways I could do and better equipment would be great!
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