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is creating Zom-B-More: Charm City Has Fallen

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What you’re about to experience is the collaborative work of a few horror fans, armed with laptops and microphones.

Zom-B-More is an apocalyptic audio drama set in our home town of Baltimore. There has been an outbreak of some kind, and it’s been affecting humans in very strange ways. We host an array of unique and interesting characters inspired by the ever interesting citizens of Baltimore.

You'll be thrown into the city just as everything is falling apart, following the survival of a small band of people who have come together our of fear and necessity. 

Each episode will be between 20 and 30 minutes in length, with some longer special episodes available later on down the road. The production features a full cast, more then half of whom are Baltimore locals, and sound effects all mixed together in-house by the creator's themselves.

My co-creator and I have lived in the Baltimore area our entire lives, and have always wanted to base a good creepy story in the city that we call home. 

It has been a slow-going process, but we are now finally able to make our story come to life. With your help, of course.

Monthly donations by our loyal fans here on Patreon will help offset the cost of podcast and website hosting, as well as compensate our actors for their time.
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