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is creating an original horror story about things that go bump in the wild.
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About Zoo Podcast

FBI agent McKayla Kespar, discovers that different disappearances and murders across the United States share an unnoticed link, a mysterious sign that reads Zoo. Her investigation leads her closer and closer to the truth, which may be more than she bargained for. 

Zoo premiered September 17, 2018 and following a successful indiegogo campaign and donations from people like you, season two launched the following spring. 

Who are the Zoo Staff?
Coni Kitts is a creator, co-writer, and the voice of McKayla Kespar. She works very hard, and creates a low whine of stress noise at all times.

Codi Phillips is a creator, producer, and script editor. She is rarely found without her Producer Beer, and is the cause of most of the focus issues during recording. 

CJ Housh is a creator, co-writer, and audio editor. He puts up with a lot. He puts up with SO MUCH.

All of our spooky music is composed by Nathan Gandy.

What will you do with the money?
We plan on putting the money back into the show. Actors will get paid. Better equipment will be purchased to give better quality to the show. It will also go towards renting a recording space that isn't a closet. 

Thank you for listening!
Thank you from the bottom of our cold, eldritch hearts. We are able to do the thing we love because of your support. We hope it inspires you and creeps you out. 
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We will livestream us playing Monster Prom.
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