is creating remake videogames & homebrew for Sega Megadrive
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We believe remaking game from scratch should be free, and by contributing to this idea you are helping us create new remake games that will be distributed freely to the community.

  • Follow stage of our development with Trello Access
  • Premium Voting. Vote or polls for next add-on/option in game
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  • Early access to the Public Version (Release Candidate rom version)
  • Access to Unreleased/Canceled projects files.
  • Credits in game. Your name or nickname in credits Menu
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All RetroGamers rewards, plus :

  • Early access to the Private Version (Public version + add-on )
  • Download tests version. All stage of development version build.
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About z-team

Hi there, Salut à tous

We are Z-team, a french artist and developer collective who grew up with the awesome 90's video games on ATARI/AMIGA computer.

Our purpose is to bring back those classics on our favorite SEGA MegaDrive / Genesis consoles.

So, Why and what would motivate a team to do that ?

Because 30 years later, we still enjoy those classics video games and want to go behind the scenes with the great artists and programmers who made them.

We started our effort a couple of years ago with 2 people and have now 6 new members.
We develop them from scratch and only rip music, gfx and other media from Youtube's binge-watching sessions
We are developing the game, redesigning the box art, cartridge and manual like the 90's with today's technology ( emulator, pixel art tools, soundchip Tune tracker, cloud git repository and much more..)

We trust and believe that porting those games should be free.

Our work is going to be freely distributed.

With your support, we will be able to:

  • Include patron in the creation process through polls, early access, beta feedback
  • Purchase some software (pixelart and dev tools ) and support homebrew devtools authors
  • Keep focus on the roadmap with your continuous feedback
  • Drink more coffee/tea for the nightly builds and enjoy beers for those long debugging week-ends

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$145 of $200 per month
We can bootstrap
  • 2 new remake per year.
  • 2 original games

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Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio release