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About Zuleika Brevoord

Nice to meet you, I am Zuleika, Zu for short :)

okay, let me start by saying thank you for visiting this page and for supporting me.
i hope you will enjoy the journey that i am on and also that you can get the most out of life by trying it out for yourself.

* why do i do it? *
I always felt like i needed at least 5 lives to create all i want to create... this was a fun feeling, but it also caused a lot of stress, because i was living with the idea that i would never ever be able to do what i really wanted to do in life.
this feeling was extremely frustrating, because i saw it all happen... having to work my entire life just living bill after bill... like a slave of money. i do not want that. who would?

* what do i do? *
so I had this moment of clarity, where i noticed i was only living from worrying about wat could go wrong and preparing for those types of situations. However i found that most of the time because i was preparing for the worst, i would uncounciously make small desicions towards the undesired outcome and thats when i desided on 5 februari 2019 to stop this habit of worrying about worst case scenario's and conciously turn it into thinking about the "what if i go and worry into the positive direction... towards succes?" so now i am actively thinking forward and prepping for succes scenario's instead of doom scenario's.

this thinking forward gives a lot of opportunity's and inspiration to do what i really want to do in life and helps me to live in the now and really love what i am doing day to day, because every minute brings me a step closer to being the person i love being and doing the things i love doing.

right now these are creating the universe of Siblimé and incorporationg this into building my own house on wheels.
So the most you will see from me is =

+ concept art
+ illustrations,
+ story from the Siblimé universe
+ siblimé inspired furniture

I probably will still be short on time to be honest..., but that might be only because my idea's just keep overflowing. XD
i am sure however that i no longer feel like a slave to the system and am no longer living in fear of not having the life i want.

of course i invite you who reads this, to join me in this journey, in thinking forward and worrying in a positive way, so you too can benefit the beauty of all the positive things that come fort from this habit !

* what's in it for you? *
+ wallpapers & illustrations.
+ novels
+ progress video's & streams.
+ prints & artbook
+ Game ( eventually)
+ furniture / in house items

my goal is to realise my romantic view of what this universe could be like "with a little/ maybe a lot added fantasy of course", in the Siblimé universe through games, Lore/story books, art-books and of course usable designs for the actual world to use in their home if they so desire.
so yeah, if you like to share this journey with me and be a part of it then please support me :)

also find me on artstation :)

have a wonderful time and a fabulous day ~

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* jpeg/png files
* .psd files

* concepts and sketches
* fastforwarded video of the progress. ( about 5 min in length)
* Story and lore (Siblimé

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* jpeg/png files full resolution 

* .psd files (Siblimé included)

* fast forwarded video of the progress. ( about 5 min in length ) 

* Full length recorded progress with my commentary

* story and lore (Siblimé)

* + create your own character/creature for Siblimé and develop it along the way. It will have a role in the story and the game. 

Includes Discord rewards
$2 of $50 per creation
thank you!

if i reach this goal i will create a special patreon only Illustration to show my grattitude !
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