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Hi Everyone My Name is Gary the Creator behind the ZXJ GAMING Channel

I would like to Welcome you all to my Patreon page for my YouTube Channel Called ZXJ GAMING. Where i bring you all the Best content from Edited Gaming Videos, Gaming Live Stream's & I also do Vlogs to bring a Personal feel to the Channel so my viewers can get to know me a little bit better as well. 

Iv created this Patreon for my Subscribers, Followers, Fans if they would like to Support the work im doing on my channel they now have the Place they can now do just that. As i would like to let everyone know iv been funding everything myself for the last 4 years and it is very tough to keep up with everything new in Gaming, all my gaming is done on the xbox one and the PS4 and there is a lot to cover in these two fields of gaming alone, As i really do love what i do on my channel but i feel it can also be hurting my channel and the content that i deliver to you my audience as i cant always compete. im also going to keep trying to fund as much as i can to stay on the ball with all the content and new games and projects i have planned for the future. but with your help it will be made even more possible.

I have only one Tier called: New Zombies Supporters. This Tier Starts at a Minimum of just $1 to become One My Patreon's but there is no cap on what you would like to Contribute if you Choose to do so. 
All Contributions Made will be used to Improve my Channel and its content ill be able to make better videos with the Equipment, software, camera, mics, and much more 

Most of all i would like to say a big thank you to you if YOU decide to become a Patreon and choosing to help me along with my journey. But don't feel like you ever have to donate anything if you don't want to OR if you yourself can not afford to do so.

Real Talk Here: I have always thought i could do this journey all self funded by myself and iv done well so far. And iv never thought of setting up a Patreon account as iv always been afraid of asking people for help or money. but as the times get harder to keep doing what i love and that is making content. Now im here doing just that asking for help so i can put a smile on someone else's face the faces of my viewers as this is what it is all about Really Entertaining other people and making them happy. And you will be helping me make that Dream Possible..

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